1. I found a wood nymph!

    I found a wood nymph!

  2. New guardian of our building.

    New guardian of our building.

  3. Mad scientist or super saiyan? Vote!

    Mad scientist or super saiyan? Vote!

  4. One Hour Photo

    RIP, Robin Williams

    If you ever want to watch a serious Robin Williams film, One Hour Photo is the one to watch. It is simply one of the best movies ever made. How many comedians at his level can take on such a serious role? None. Robin, you were the best, and will always be my favorite actor of all time.

  5. Purple Lamp & Soft Drinks

    Couple Random Shots

    Two more shots from the Macau series. They are kind of random so I’m throwing them together in a post. The lamp photo was taken from within The Venetian, near the entrance of its huge theater. The other one I just took casually from the train ride. It looks kind of like an ad for those Chinese soft drinks! The bottle on the left is herbal tea, the one on the right is oolong tea. They were pretty tasty.


    廢柴 🎤 [ fai chai ]

    A Cantonese slang, used as a curse word to describe someone as useless. The phrase literally means “an wasted piece of firewood”, which implies you can’t light it on fire or do anything useful with it.

    { Example }

    Megatron: You failed me once again, fai chai!
    Starscream: Gimme another chance, my lord.

    (Learn Chinese #8)

  7. The Venetian Hotel

    90 Days of China: Series 2

    While I was in Macau, my wife and I stayed at The Venetian. It’s gotta be the biggest hotel/casino I’ve ever been too. The interior design is the most epic I’ve seen. Shit, it’s even got a stream inside and there are people on boats. The most surprising thing though, was that we got carded when trying to access the casino. I guess we do look young!

  8. The making of GOT’s visual effects

    The Game of Thrones, Season 4 - VFX making of reel is a fascinating look at the visual effects that were used for Game of Thrones Season 4. They accomplish this by showing overlays of the original footage, along with the layers that were added to create the final scenes as seen on the show.

    via Vimeo

  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Spray Paintings

    Be Street presents Create and Destroy

    To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Be Street magazine, we asked a bunch of artists to do what they do best, be creative on a given theme très 90’s: The Ninja Turtles. We took Nychos, Broken Fingaz, Nikibi and Sixo to a secret location in Paris destined for destruction, where they left some pretty impressive ephemeral artwork.

    via Youtube